Your Trusted Services and Solutions Partner

Unparalleled Suite of Services

Our unique business model takes SAS to the next level. We aren’t just a professional services provider… we are your Solutions Partner

Dynamically Flexible

Our services and solutions were strategically designed to be flexible and accommodating to ever-changing business needs


We are ready to scale as quickly or slowly as you desire, and we have the resources available to rapidly deploy when needed

Diverse Client Portfolio

A proven professional services leader, serving a variety of industries round the world

Affordable Quality

Our unique business model allows us to deliver high-quality services and software that make a cost-benefit analysis easy

Data Security

Internationally compliant with industry-leading data security protocols and controls

Increasing Profits with Pro-Sourced Accounting & Financial Services
Businesses small and large are leveraging the vast benefits of “Pro-Sourcing” their accounting and financial management needs with Lotus, yielding higher profits. The benefits have proven to be revolutionary and our clients are taking it to the bank!

Cross-Functional Services & Solutions

Break the bottle neck and function more efficiently and effectively!

Reconciliation Services

With Lotus, you no longer have to spend your time matching multiple sets of data together or be an excel expert to run your business. Learn how our automated reconciliation tools can help you streamline operations today!

Compliance & Sales Audits

Whether performing compliance verifications or communicating and collecting data through our user-friendly mobile application, Corporate Compliance is no longer a headache with Lotus’ Virtual Audits, Real Time Solutions, & Automated Task Management Platforms.

Business Acceleration Services

We help businesses develop sound operating systems and processes to enhance operational effectiveness, while simultaneously resolving functional challenges faced by the organization and its team.

Bringing Services & Solutions Together

A revolutionary web application that centralizes key business tools and connects you to the information and systems you need to function efficiently and effectively.

Powerful Technology

Lotus provides a wide range of technology-based tools, systems, and applications that are cost-effective and profoundly beneficial. Whether you need a ready-made solution, a custom creation, or a blend of software and service, Lotus has it.

Custom Data Insights

Our industry-leading business intelligence platform provides stakeholders with custom dashboards that give instant access to the actionable insights needed to make the right decisions for the overall health and longevity of the business

Industry Affiliations and Alliances